Google New update- Android 11 & It’s features, Launched date, And Other updates

Good News for android users, after 2019’s Android 10, recently Google has launched the Android 11 version. Android 11 was announced officially on June 10, 2020. Currently, Beta1 built of android 11 has released. This version is eligible for the phones like Pixel 2, 2XL, 3, 3XL, 3a, 3aXL, 4 and 4XL devices. Google has launched Android 11 through short-form videos and web pages. Only google pixel phone users are getting the Android 11 beta version. with the existing features, android 11 brings some additional features. Please note that now only pixel 2 and all the latest google pixel phones users can download the Android 11. Upcoming days all other eligible brands mobile phone users may receive the Android 11 update.

Android 11 has many features. Here is the list of Android 11 features:

Mute notification during recording: While recording the videos, you will have uninterrupted video recording with all notifications turned to mute.we all usually get irritation if a notification appears in the middle of the recording the amazing video, so this feature avoids notifications by turning the notification to mute mode.

Improved launch sensitivity: This results in flawless touches all the time. This feature avoids the miss swipes and touches. this results in no defects or faults in the touches. It improves the touch sensitivity.

Native Screen Recording: We usually install the separate app for the screen recordings, however, this new feature comes up with the screen recording option. So no need for additional apps to record our screen hereafter.

Back gesture tweaking: This feature comes with two sliders to allow the back gesture, one is left-hand side and another for the right screen.

Scrolling screenshots: This is the most important update in the android it supports scrolling screenshots.

Improved support for a curved display: This feature avoids the unintentional touches loss.

Airplane mode won’t turn off Bluetooth: In the previous version android, Bluetooth used to turn off when the airplane mode is on, however, this android update allow us to use the Bluetooth frequently even the airplane mode is turned off.

Share menu App pinning: In the android version share menu app pinning is back.

Improved notifications shade conversations: In this update, it will allow sending the reply for the latest notification and even the picture messages can be sent from the notification.

Chat bubbles: This feature is inherited from the previous feature of android 10 to make it more usable in the android application.

Dark mode scheduling: Now Dark mode option is available in android 11. This mode will change the screen from normal to dark mode or dark mode to normal based on the time, whether that is day or night.

Better handling of older notifications: In the android 11 version we have a special setting called notification history which helps to get back the erased old notifications.

One-time permission: this feature of android 11, unable the permission once for the usage.

Scoped storage: This feature will help to protect personal data.

Project Mainline enhancement: Here android part will become through the play store. This causes OTA updates.

Reverse charging: This feature comes up with the share battery option.

So Android users can enjoy the recently released version.

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